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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Scratching the Itch: Orrin Hatch's Rash Creativity

From FunctionalAmbivilent...
Now, let me just stop you right here. I want everyone to take a moment to picture Hatch, in the willowy spring of his youth, away from home for the first time, neatly dressed and bright-eyed, indulging his ardor for writing poetry. Got it? OK, let's move on.
Orin's got 6 new albums?
Last year, according to the Houston Chronicle, Hatch made $33,000 in royalties on the more than 300 songs he has co-written. The songs have titles like, "God Bless Our Homes and Families" and the weirdly Yakov Smirnoffian "You Gotta Love This Country."
He's also got polygamist family in his history that he's not too ashamed of, after all, they were good, hard working folks that made a life in this pioneer state...

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